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Smartphone gimbals and stabilizers are already spreading exponentially not only in the US and in Asia, but also in all other developed countries such as Europe, for instance. As a matter of fact, not a month goes by without seeing a new smartphone stabilizer being released by one of the main manufacturer on the market. This trend is very easy to understand. Indeed, nowadays, our smartphones are really able to shoot insane videos in 4K for the latests. Unfortunately, this stabilization is often disappointing… Hopefully, now, we have 3-axis handheld smartphone gimbal stabilizers and this changes everything ! 

Best smartphone gimbal stabilizer

The best smartphone gimbal stabilizer comparison

Our goal here is to present you all the 3-axis handheld smartphone gimbals we have tried, be it for iPhone, Samsung, Honor,… Basically, as you’ll see, the brand of your phone won’t matter as the gimbals are perfectly able to adapt themselves. In order to find the best smartphone stabilizer, we’ve established a comparison table and a ranking. Always keep in mind that this is not an universal handheld smartphone stabilizer and gimbal ranking but it’s the result of our in-depth reviews. We really try to be as objective as possible in order to give you something on which you can work on to find the best smartphone gimbal from our comparison table. Anyway, we always strongly recommend you to read our full reviews in order to have all the details you need to make the best choice.

As you’ll see, we’ve tried to test as many smartphone stabilizer as possible but, as you can guess, this is a non exhaustive list. We really try to do as much reviews as possible, but we will never be able to do a review for all the gimbals on the market. Therefore, we really try to focus on the main ones, meaning the one from the main manufacturers. For the time being, there are 4 big players who are sharing the market of 3-axis handheld smartphone stabilizers :

  • DJI : DJI is a very famous manufacturer that we certainly don’t need to present anymore. Indeed, it has become very famous worldwide thanks to its excellent drones. Yet, it doesn’t stick to that. Indeed, it offers very good solutions as far as smartphone stabilization is concerned. By the way, the DJI Osmo Mobile is currently ranking first in our smartphone gimbal comparison table. This is, for the time being, the best 3-axis handheld smartphone stabilizer according to us. As you’ll see, this manufacturer really focuses on high quality products and this is reflected on the prices…unfortunately…
  • Zhiyun : As far as stabilization is concerned, Zhiyun is never far away. Indeed, this is currently the world leader of gimbal stabilizers. Indeed, it offers not only smartphone gimbal stabilizers, but also Gopro and very good DSLR gimbals. Even though its latest product, the Zhiyun Smooth 3 smartphone gimbal is not the best on the market, it is really not far from it. You’ll be able to see it in our smartphone gimbal comparison table.
  • Feiyu : Feiyu is the third Chinese manufacturer of our list. This is definitely one of the key players on the market and it offers a very large choice of 3-axis handheld gimbal for smartphone. Indeed, you’ll have quite a few very good references such as the Feiyu SPG, SPG Live, SPG Plus, G4 Pro, or, more recently, the Vimble C,… Well, you’ve understood that you’ll definitely find something that suits you with FeiyuTech. The best smartphone gimbal currently doesn’t come from this manufacturer, but, tomorrow, one Feiyu’s product may rank first in our best smartphone gimbal comparison.
  • EVO : EVO is the only American manufacturer who is part of the 4 biggest manufacturer of 3-axis handheld smartphone gimbal. It offers really high-quality products but you’ll have to be ready to pay a premium price for them… Its latest product, the EVO SP-PRO is definitely one of the best smartphone gimbals but its quite expensive price is still a constraint for many potential users.

Now that you know the key players on the smartphone stabilizers market, let’s have a look at our gimbals comparison (still under construction) :

Evo Sp pro gen 2 EVO SP PRO GEN 2 299$ 14 hours 9.2/10 Evo SP Pro Gen 2
Evo Sp pro EVO SP PRO 279$ 10 hours 9/10 Evo Sp Pro
DJI Osmo Mobile best smartphone gimbal DJI OSMO MOBILE 299$ 4-5 hours 9/10 DJI Osmo Mobile
Smartphone gimbal comparison Smooth 3 ZHIYUN SMOOTH 3 269$ 12-14 hours 8.9/10 Zhiyun Smooth 3
Feiyu SPG FEIYU SPG  229$  8 hours  8.8/10 Feiyu SPG
Evo Shift EVO SHIFT 199$ 8-10 hours 8.7/10 Evo Shift
Best smartphone Gimbal Smooth Q ZHIYUN SMOOTH Q 125$ 9-12 hours 8.4/10 Zhiyun Smooth Q
Feiyu Vimble C FEIYU VIMBLE C 149$ 5 hours 8.2/10 Feiyu Vimble C

The selection criteria

As you’ve seen, if we only take into account the average grade, it is very hard to compare the different 3-axis smartphone gimbals. Hence the need to look more precisely into our 6 criteria that we always take into account for our in-depth reviews. In order for you to compare the different smartphone gimbals without any difficulty, we always take the 6 same criteria and present them the same way. This really enables you to compare point by point to find the best smartphone gimbal and stabilizer. So, our 6 criteria that we kept are the following :

  • The battery life

This is the first thing we always focus on to do our in-depth reviews. Indeed, this is something really important according to us and the differences can be very huge between, the different smartphone stabilizers. It can go from a few hours to more than 12 hours. Furthermore, some will be able to recharge your phone while in use, whereas others won’t.

  • The quality and reliability

The second criterion we take into account to create this smartphone gimbal comparison table is the quality and reliability of the product. Indeed, this is very important if you want to be able to use your stabilizer for more than 2 weeks. Of course, we’re kidding, but you see what we mean. The better the quality and reliability are, the longer you’ll be able to use your 3-axis handheld smartphone gimbal.

  • The stabilization

Of course, the stabilization is a very important criterion we really need to take into account when we do our reviews. This is something which is sometimes a bit hard to analyse but we try our best. Indeed, sometimes, the difference is almost invisible between two smartphone gimbals and, therefore, it is not easy to say which one is the best in this category.

  • The functions

Even though some people only want a very simple stabilizer for their smartphone, many offer quite a few very interesting functions. This can be the Time Lapse, panoramic, long exposure,…modes. According to us, this is not on this criterion that you should decide whether you’ll buy X or Y, but this can be a little “bonus” which can influence your decision. As you can see in our smartphone gimbal comparison table, the best stabilizer, which is currently the DJI Osmo Mobile, really does offer very nice functions.

  • The taking in hand and controlling

5th criterion that we always analyse for our reviews is the taking in hand and controlling of our 3-axis smartphone stabilizer. As a matter of fact, it is very important to have a gimbal which is easy to use and convenient to take in hand. On this point, there may be some significant differences between the different products that we’ve presented in our comparison table. We highly recommend you to read our in-depth reviews to know more about these precise characteristics.

  • The price

Finally, the price is definitely a criterion that could influence your choice. As you can guess, the best smartphone gimbal is not the cheapest one. Yet, you can find some very good compromise with some stabilizers for iPhone, Galaxy, Honor,… which offer some very interesting quality/price ratio. This is the case, for instance, for the Zhiyun Smooth Q or the Feiyu Vimble c.

Our smartphone gimbal stabilizers reviews summaries

We are truly aware that you may not have time to read our in-depth reviews which, for a maximum of precision, may be very long sometimes. Therefore, we’ll present you some very short summaries here in order, for those who don’t have time to read our full reviews, to know what it’s about. As you can see in our smartphone stabilizer comparison table, there are many gimbals which end up with quite the same grade. Yet, there may be very huge differences between two smartphone gimbals that have the exact same average grade. Let’s remind you that it is the average of 6 criteria. Therefore, some weaknesses in one section can be balanced with some very good strengths in others. This is the reason for which we still invite you to read our in-depth reviews to find the best 3-axis handheld smartphone gimbal and the one which will suit you best.

The DJI Osmo Mobile (9/10) :

The DJI Osmo Mobile is THE smartphone stabilizer from the very famous Chinese drones and gimbals manufacturer, DJI. With its awesome quality and reliability, its numerous very good functions, more than decent a battery life and a very easy taking in hand an controlling, it is now ranking as the best smartphone gimbal on the market in our comparison table, for now. We really enjoyed using it and it is definitely worth having a look at.

Yet, it has two little weaknesses. The first one is definitely its price. Indeed, as many very good 3-axis handheld smartphone gimbals, it is quite expensive. For the time being, you’ll have to count approximately 300$ to get this very good iPhone gimbal stabilizer. Of course, it will perfectly work with other brands such as Samsung, Motorola, Huawei,… The second little criticism that we did during our DJI Osmo Mobile review was the fact that it does not offer the best stabilization on the market. Of course, it is very good, but it is not the best, and we could have expected something a bit better from DJI. Still, this is, without any doubt, the best smartphone gimbal stabilizer…according to us, of course !

Smartphone gimbal comparison

The Zhiyun Smooth 3 (8.9/10) :

Second in our best smartphone gimbal comparison table, the Zhiyun Smooth 3 is definitely one of our favorites. As a matter of fact, it offers the best battery life you can find on the market with almost 14 hours of running time. This is just insane and, furthermore, you can recharge your smartphone while in use. Additionally, it also offers the best stabilization of all the gimbals for smartphone we have tried. With a very good grade of 9.3/10 in this category of our in-depth Zhiyun Smooth 3 review, you are bound to be very satisfied. We can also mention the very good functions which will enable you to have a perfect control on your 3-axis handheld gimbal.

Yet, as every stabilizer, this one is not perfect, otherwise, it would be the best smartphone gimbal stabilizer in our comparison table. Indeed, it doesn’t have the best quality and reliability and its taking in hand and controlling are not as good as the DJI Osmo Mobile’s. Furthermore, it is very expensive, like the DJI product, at 300$. Therefore, it ends up with a very good grade of 8.9/10 which ranks it second, just 0,1 point behind the Osmo Mobile in our smartphone stabilizer comparison table. For more information, we invite you to read our Zhiyun Smooth 3 in-depth review.


Smartphone gimbal Zhiyun Smooth 3

The Zhiyun Smooth Q (8.4/10) :

The Zhiyun Smooth Q is the low cost version of the Smooth 3 which ranks second in our best smartphone gimbal comparison. Even though it is not as good as its big brother, the Smooth Q has some significant assets that make it one of the bests we have tried. Indeed, first, it offers an awesome battery life which will enable you to recharge your phone while in use. It also includes many very interesting functions that make it, not only a smartphone stabilizer, but also a Gopro gimbal. Indeed, you’ll be able to stabilize an action camera with it. Finally, its biggest strengths is certainly its price. Indeed, it will only cost you 139$ which is nothing compared to the 300$ you should pay for the DJI Osmo Mobile, Zhiyun Smooth 3 or EVO SP-PRO.

Unfortunately, it cannot be the best 3-axis smartphone gimbal, and this, for several reasons. First, its quality and reliability are far behind its competitors. Second, even though its stabilization is good, it is no match for the bests handheld smartphone stabilizers. Finally, the last weakness is its bad taking in hand. Indeed, as you can see in our Zhiyun Smooth Q review, we were very disappointed as far as this is concerned.

Handheld Smartphone stabilizer Zhiyun Smooth Q