DJI really does offer very high-end gimbals

DJI Gimbals high quality

You certainly know DJI for its very worldwide famous drones. But the activity of this Chinese manufacturer is not limited to that. Indeed, when it comes to stabilizers, you’ll also find some very good solutions, bet it for your smartphone or your camera. Indeed, you’ll find several gimbal stabilizers which …

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Gopro Karma Grip vs Feiyu G5 Comparison

Gopro Karma Grip vs Feiyu G5 comparison

If you are looking for a good Gopro gimbal, you are sure that you’ll be pleased with the Gopro Karma Grip and the Feiyu G5. Indeed, they are both very good and perfectly do the job for which they’ve been created. Yet, there are many differences between these two even …

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Gopro Gimbals know a growing interest

Gopro Gimbal Stabilizers

The trend is quite young, but it is growing exponentially. Indeed, ever more people are using Gopro gimbal stabilizers nowadays. The trend initially spread in the sport area in which stabilization is really required. Indeed, if we take skiing for exemple, videos have won a significant quality thanks to Gopro …

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