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Find the best Gopro gimbal and stabilizer

There is ever more Gopro gimbal and stabilizer today and we are still counting. Not a month goes by without seeing a new manufacturer entering the market to try to build the best Gopro stabilizer. In order to help you find the best Gopro gimbal stabilizer, we will present you our Gopro gimbal comparison of all products we have tested and for which we did an in-depth review. But first, let’s make a short presentation on Gopro Gimbals, how they work, the different players on the market and everything so you know what you are going to purchase.

Best Gopro gimbal stabilizer comparison

Well, first, let’s start with a very simple question : what are Gopro gimbals ?

Stabilizers are basically some poles, like the Gopole, for instance, with integrated stabilizers. The products for which we do all our reviews all have 3 motors which manage 3 axes : Pan, Tilt and Roll. Thanks to a very precise and innovative algorithm, your Gopro gimbal will automatically adjust the position of your camera in order always to keep it balanced. This is really where the stabilizers do a crazy work and the best Gopro stabilizer will get rid of EVERY single little vibration. It is also interesting to mention that the angles of the 3 axes gimbal are not the same according to the product you’ll chose. As a matter of fact, the Feiyu G4S, for instance, offers 3 axes with full 360° rotation. This is really great and we really enjoyed it during our review. Yet, this is not the best Gopro stabilizer, according to us…

As you can guess, in comparison with a simple pole like the Gopole, a gimbal stabilizer will need some batteries to work. Therefore, you’ll need to check which Gopro stabilizer has the best battery life in order not to be stopped after 1h30 of shooting… This is a very important criterion we always look into in our reviews and we always report it in our Gopro gimbal comparison table.

We kept 6 very relevant criteria

At this regard, how to find the best Gopro stabilizer ? Well, in order to make this Gopro gimbal comparison, we take the average of 6 grades we give in each of our in-depth reviews. The criteria we kept are :

  • The battery life
  • The quality and reliability
  • The stabilisation
  • The functions
  • The taking in hand and controlling
  • The Price

We truly think that with these 6 criteria we are able to see all the very relevant points you need to know when you want to buy a handheld gimbal stabilizer. In fact, by looking precisely at each of these criteria we really check all the things that could influence your choice. Of course, our reviews are far from perfect but it gives you a pretty accurate idea of the strengths and weaknesses of each 3 axis Gopro handheld gimbal we present in our reviews. In our comparison table, we are forced only to put 2 of our 6 criteria…bacause a space issue…

This is why we strongly recommend you to read our full and in-depth reviews in order not to miss out on something very important. Because yes, the grade you see in our best Gopro gimbal stabilizer comparison is only the average of our 6 criteria. Therefore, if you don’t read the full reviews, you won’t know what made the grade go up…or go down. Also take into account that the “price effect” is already included in the grade. Therefore, if a Gopro stabilizer ranks first in our comparison table AND is expensive, well, this means it is a very very good handheld 3-axis Gopro gimbal. Indeed, the price has obviously lowered the average…

Who are the manufacturers ?

There are currently quite a few Gopro handheld stabilizer manufacturers who share the market. We can name Gopro, of course, Removu, Feiyu, Zhiyun, EVO, Snoppa or Ikan. These are really the 7 main players and they come from different countries. In fact, among them, 3 are American (Gopro, EVO and Ikan), 3 are Chinese (Feiyu, Zhiyun and Snoppa) and one is South-Korean (Removu). It is, by the way, the gimbal of Removu which ranks first in our handheld 3-axis Gopro stabilizer comparison and is, according to us, THE best you’ll find on the market. But, as always, this is a personal perception and some people may prefer some other gimbals such as the Feiyu G4S or the EVO GP PRO, to name but two. All have some assets and weaknesses…it is always the same !

Our Gopro Gimbal Stabilizer comparison : Find the best !

Best Gopro Gimbal Removu S1 REMOVU S1 299$ 5 hours 9.4/10 Removu S1
Best Gopro Gimbal Snoppa Go SNOPPA GO 259$ 5 hours 9.1/10 Snoppa Go
Best Gopro Gimbal Feiyu G4S FEIYU G4S 178$ 3-5 hours 9/10 Feiyu G4S
Best Stabilizer Gopro Karma grip  GOPRO KARMA GRIP  276$  1 hour 40  8.8/10 Gopro Karma Grip
Pilotfly FunnyGo 2 PILOTFLY FUNNYGO 2 379$ 8 hours 8.8/10 Pilotfly Funny Go2
Best Gopro Gimbal Feiyu G5 FEIYU G5 279$ 6-8 hours 8.8/10 Feiyu G5
Best Gopro Stabilizer Ikan Fly X3 Go IKAN FLY X3 GO 337$ 2,5-3 hours 8.8/10 Ikan Fly X3 Go
Best Gopro stabilizer EVO GP PRO EVO GP PRO 299$ 5 hours 8.7/10 EVO GP PRO
Best Gopro gimbal Zhiyun Evolution ZHIYUN EVOLUTION 199$ 7-13 hours 8.7/10 Zhiyun Evolution

As all of you may not want to read our full reviews, we will make some very short summaries for each of our reviews we did for this Best Gopro Gimbal Comparison. Of course, we won’t go back into details and we will only have a very short summary of the main assets and weaknesses of all our stabilizers we present you. We strongly recommend you to read the full reviews if you want to know more about these stabilizers and find the best for you, the one which will suit you best. It’s never easy to choose and that’s why we did this Gopro stabilizer comparison. We hope that will help you ! Without wasting any more second, discover our very short summary of our best Gopro gimbal stabilizers.

Removu S1 : 9,4/10

As you can see in our Gopro gimbal stabilizer table, it ranks first and is therefore THE best gimbal stabilizer for your Gopro…according to us. Yet, this may not be the one you prefer. Still, it has so many good reasons to please you. We particularly like the fact that it is able to separate the grip and the stabilizer part. This is a real asset we really enjoyed ! Furthermore, it is water resistant, and this is so great ! You’ll be able to use it with your Hero 3,4 and 5, thanks to its included waterproof box. As if it wasn’t enough, this best Gopro gimbal stabilizer also offers the best stabilization we have tested so far. Not to mention the excellent quality and the very easy controlling. Well, as you can see, we almost fell in love with this stabilizer and this is why it ranks first in our Gopro stabilizer comparison.

The only drawback of this product is its price… Indeed, as you can see in our comparison table, you’ll have to pay 379$ to get it. Albeit expensive, we truly think that it is reasonable when you see how performant this gimbal is ! Indeed, you have everything the other stabilizers have, it’s like an addition of all the competitors’ assets… Well, you see it, for us, this is definitely THE best Gopro gimbal stabilizer you’ll find in 2017. We strongly recommend you to read our in-depth review in order to know more about this awesome gimbal for your action camera.

Removu S1 Best Gopro Gimbal

Snoppa Go : 9.1/10

The 3-axis handheld gimbal for Gopro Snoppa Go is really one of our favorite. And this is not for no reason. Indeed, this handheld Gopro stabilizer really offers some interesting functions we didn’t stay indifferent for. We can name the lightning around the joystick, the slot for the SD card or the control of your Gopro Hero 4 thanks to the backpack, to name but three. The things that make it one of the best 3-axis handheld Gopro gimbal stabilizer are also its very good quality of stabilization and its very easy and confortable taking in hand and controlling. These are some real assets you’ll be so pleased to discover if you decide to buy the Snoppa Go gimbal for Gopro camera. And of course, we don’t need to mention it, but the stabilization of this Gopro gimbal stabilizer is also awesome. 

Still, as all the stabilizers we present to you in this 3-axis handheld gimbal comparison, the Snoppa Go has a few weaknesses. The first one may be some possible issues with the algorithme if your software is not up to date. The second very little weakness of this handheld stabilizer for Gopro is the fact that you won’t be able to recharge your Gopro while in use, nor to control it via a mobile application. Anyway, this remains a very good Gopro gimbal stabilizer which is certainly one of the best you can find on the market. For more information, we strongly recommend you to read our in-depth Snoppa Go review.

Best Gopro Gimbal Snoppa Go

Feiyu G4S : 9/10

The Feiyu G4S gimbal is really one of the best thanks to its 3 axis which offer a perfect 360° rotation. For the time being, this is the only Gopro stabilizer which offers such a nice solution. This will really enable you to have a perfect control on your handheld Gopro gimbal and you will never be stuck in any situation. But that’s not all ! Indeed, what we really enjoyed during our Feiyu G4S review was also the fact that you can recharge your camera thanks to an USB port while in use. This is a really interesting asset according to us and it mattered a lot during our test. This is why it ranks on the podium of our 3-axis handheld Gopro gimbal stabilizer comparison table.

The few weaknesses we managed to find are really not important. Indeed, we have to admit that it doesn’t have THE best stabilization you’ll find. For that, the Removu S1, the Gopro Karma Grip or the EVO GP PRO still have quite an advantage. But, it’s still very good for a 2-year-old handheld Gopro stabilizer. The second little criticism that we made during our Feiyu G4S review was the fact that it lacks a few functions …compared to its competitors. Still, this is really a good Gopro gimbal and maybe one of the best stabilizer you’ll ever find. For more information, do not hesitate to discover our Feiyu G4S in-depth review.

Best Gopro Gimbal Feiyu G4S

Gopro Karma Grip : 8.8/10

The Gopro Karma Grip is definitely one of the best stabilizer you could find right now. Like the Removu S1, it offers an excellent stabilization which yielded it a very good 9.5/10 in our full in-depth review. Quite like the Removu S1, it offers a very good quality and reliability that make it one of the best 3-axis handheld Gopro gimbal you’ll find.

Unfortunately, its very big drawback is its battery life… Indeed, as you can see in our stabilizer comparison, it only lasts 1h40 minutes which is way too short according to us. Hopefully, you can easily fix this problem by buying additional batteries… but you’ll have to pay… And as far as price is concerned, this stabilizer is already quite expensive with a price of 299$. Yet, we really like this 3-axis Gopro gimbal stabilizer and that’s why it has such a great place with a very good 8.8/10 in our comparison ranking. As always, this is only a very short summary so we strongly recommend you to read our in-depth review to discover everything you have to know about this Gimbal.

Gopro Gimbal comparison Karma Grip

Feiyu G5 : 8.8/10

The Feiyu G5 is really one of the best Gopro gimbal. Indeed, if offers some very pleasant functions such as the Splash Proof that we really enjoyed during our in-depth review. This handheld Gopro stabilizer also comes with an awesome battery which will last between 6 and 8 hours according to the use. Even though, this is not THE best handheld gimbal, it is still a very good one which is worthy of interest. Furthermore, it’s price is quite attractive and you’ll get, therefore, a good quality/price ratio with this Gopro stabilizer.

Yet, as you can see in our Gopro gimbal comparison, this is not as good as the Removu S1, the Feiyu G4S or the Ikan Fly X3 Go. The reason is quite simple to explain. Indeed, it has a few weaknesses that make it lose some points. Even though it is a waterproof Gopro gimbal, its weaknesses as far as quality and reliability are concerned disappointed us a little. Furthermore, it doesn’t has the best stabilization you’ll find on the market. All in all, it is still a very good choice and you won’t regret it ! Should you want to know more about this 3-axis gimbal for your Gopro, do not hesitate to read our in-depth review in which we looked into every important criteria in details.

Best Gopro gimbal stabilizer Feiyu G5

Ikan Fly X3 Go : 8.8/10

The Ikan Fly X3 Go is an American gimbal stabilizer for Gopro. Even though it is not the best you can find on the market, it still has some very nice assets for which you definitely can’t stay indifferent. Among them, we really enjoyed the fact that you’ll be able to split the gimbal and the stabilizer part. This will enable you to use this 3 axis handheld Gopro gimbal in quite a few different situations. Actually, the term word “handheld” is not really appropriate here, as this is not ONLY a handheld stabilizer. Well, that’s a real asset but, of course, as you can see in our Ikan Fly X3 Go review, this is far from being the only strength of this stabilizer for Gopro. Indeed, you’ll also find a very good taking in hand, controlling and the quality and reliability are really good. 

Yet, as always, even though this is a very good 3-axis stabilizer, this is not the best on the market. This is due to a few weaknesses such as it’s relative bad battery life (2-3 hours maximum). The second criticism that we did in our Ikan Fly X3 Go was the fact that this handheld stabilizer lacks a few functions according to us. Finally, the last little weakness is its price. Indeed, you’ll have to pay more than 300$ to get the Ikan Fly X3 Go. Honestly, this is a bit expensive but, as always, for good quality and performance, you’ll have to be ready to pay a significant amount of money. In the end, this is still a very good 3-axis Gopro gimbal stabilizer that you’ll like for sure !

Best Gopro Stabilizer Ikan Fly X3 Go

EVO GP PRO : 8.7/10

The EVO GP PRO is one of the rare Gopro stabilizer produced by an American manufacturer. In fact, we are really used to play with Asian stabilizers such as the Removu S1, the Feiyu G4S, G5 or the Zhiyun Evolution. Yet, it is, as you can guess one one the best Gopro stabilizer you’ll find on the market. As always, we have done our in-depth review in order to help you know everything you should about this gimbal. As a 3-axis handheld gimbal, it is made up of 3 brushless motors which do an insane job at stabilizing your Gopro. You’ll really be pleased by the quality of the stabilization which is definitely one of the best of all the stabilizers we have tested. With a grade of 9.5/10 in our review, that offers the gimbal a very nice rank in our Gopro stabilizer comparison table.

There is unfortunately two weaknesses with this handheld gimbal that explain its grade of “only” 8.7/10. In fact, the price is quite expensive and it lacks many functions. If we compare it with the Gopro Karma Grip, there is really a huge difference between the two. Still, we truly think that you won’t be disappointed with this 3-axis stabilizer for Gopro. Indeed, it pleased use a lot during our review and we are still using it in many situations. Even if it is not the best Gopro gimbal, it is definitely part of the bests.

Best Gopro Gimbal Evo GP Pro

Zhiyun Evolution : 8.7/10

The Zhiyun Evolution is the perfect copy of the EVO GP PRO 3-axis handheld Gopro stabilizer we’ve seen just above. The only very big difference between the two is the price. Indeed, one is 150$ cheaper than the other whereas they are almost exactly the same. What we really enjoyed with the Zhiyun Evolution stabilizer for Gopro is its insane battery life. Indeed, you can count on between 7 and 13 hours of battery life according to your use. Like the EVO GP PRO, you’ll be able to recharge your Gopro while in use which is also very pleasant. In terms of stabilization, this is not the best 3 axis handheld Gopro gimbal but it is still very good ! Indeed, with a grade of 8.8/10 in our in-depth review, it ranks among the best Gopro stabilizer in our comparison table. We can also mention the very good taking in hand an the easy controlling of this handheld Gopro gimbal.

What we can criticize about this Gopro stabilizer is the fact that it lacks functions. Indeed, like the EVO GP PRO, the Zhiyun Evolution would win a lot to have quite a few interesting functions. Here, it is very simple and it only focuses on the stabilization, which is already a very good point. Well, on the other hand, when you have a look at its price, you don’t want to criticize too much this 3-axis stabilizer for Gopro which is really one of the best. Should you want to know more about this gimbal, do not hesitate to read our in-depth Zhiyun Evolution review.

Best Gopro gimbal Zhiyun Evolution