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Feiyu G5 Review

Feiyu G5 gimbal review The latest Gopro gimbal stabilizer of the Chinese manufacturer is really worth having a look at. In fact, the product of our Feiyu G5 review offers quite a few advantages as, for instance, an awesome battery life or a Splash Proof function, to name but two. If you are looking for a quality proven stabilizer for you action camera, you have here a very good solution. If you are still wondering what is the best Gopro gimbal, we are here to help you with this Feiyu G5 review. Discover our in-depth Feiyu G5 review below in which we will look into our 6 usual criteria which are essentiel according to us when you want to buy a Gopro stabilizer. 

Feiyu G5 review : the battery life is just perfect

Our Feiyu G5 review starts pretty well. In fact, the battery life of this 3-axis Gopro gimbal is obviously one of the main strengths of this stabilizer. With an announced 8 hours battery life and more than 6 hours during our Feiyu G5 review, this FeiyuTech gimbal really deserves its place ahead of a lot of competitors as far as battery life is concerned. For a comparison, our Gopro Karma Grip review put forward one of the main weaknesses of this stabilizer with less than 2 hours of battery life… Therefore, you’ll have almost 4 times more battery life with this gimbal !

Like us during our Feiyu G5 review, you’ll be able to shoot for hours until your battery gives up on you. One very interesting point is also the fact that you’ll be able to recharge you Gopro while in use on your gimbal. During our Feiyu G5 review, we used this very pleasant function in order not to have to change the batteries of our Gopro. You just have to connect the gimbal and your Gopro thanks to a USB cable and the job is done. With more than 6 hours of battery life in our Feiyu G5 review, we graded it with a 10/10 without any hesitation.

As always, the second part of our Feiyu G5 review will concern the quality and the reliability of your Gopro stabilizer. You’ll see, we are quite reserved about this section …

The quality and reliability

This is maybe the criterion which disappointed us the most during our Feiyu G5 Review. But you should not worry about it, you’ll understand why. Indeed, if we gave it a 8.2/10 in our Feiyu G5 review, it’s not that bad and you’ll see it won’t affect your experience, once you are used to it. So, why have we been disappointed ? Even though the structure of the gimbal seems very solid and resistant, there is a little default with its stabilizers for which we didn’t stay indifferent.

A quite embarrassing (and well known) issue happened during our Feiyu G5 review. In fact, when the motor which manages the Pan is aligned with the one which manages the Tilt, there is a bug which makes your stabilizers shake a lot and you’ll loose all the advantages of the stabilization. Still, we told you there is no reason to worry because, during our Feiyu G5 review, which lasted more than 6 hours, this only happened to us twice. Once you know that you should not align these two motors, you can perfectly use it without having any problem. In no case, this is too important a default that should influence (too much) your choice. Notice that the subject of our Feiyu G5 review is able to do a perfect 360° on both the Tilt and Pan axis and a 245° on the Roll axis. Actually, during your sessions with this Gopro stabilizer, you will (almost) never need such big angles.

The other thing that also disappointed us a little during our Feiyu G5 review was the noise. In fact, if you use it with a Gopro Hero 5 black, the recording of the noise of the motors will strongly deteriorate the quality of your audios. Still, this default won’t matter for all people who won’t use the audio anyway. For instance, if you are planning to do an edit with musical background, then, no matter the quality of the recorded noise, that won’t affect your edit. Yet, if you want to use the voice recording, for instance, then, you risk to be disappointed… Even though our Feiyu G5 review is still very positive, these two defaults disappointed us a lot compared to the Feiyu G4S for instance… Furthermore, Gopro really offers an insane audio quality. If you take the Gopro Hero 4 Black with the Feiyu G4S, you can only be pleased, both by the stabilization and the audio quality.

As far as the material itself is concerned, the subject of our Feiyu G5 review is quite convincing. We’ve been using it for months now and it’s still working like if it was day 1. You’ll see in the next section of our Feiyu G5 review that the stabilization is also one of its strength. There is really nothing to complain about except the two little defaults we’ve just talked about in the Feiyu G5 review. If you decide to buy this Gopro gimbal stabilizer, we can assure you that you won’t be disappointed. Without wasting any more second, discover our next criterion on the quality of the stabilization.

Stabilizer Feiyu G5 review

The stabilization is very convincing

As always, our third criterion of our Feiyu G5 review is about the quality of the stabilization. Thanks to its 3 high-quality brushless motors, this Gopro gimbal offers a very good stabilization. Even though the outcome is not as good as the one you’ll have with the best stabilizers (Removu S1, Gopro Karma Grip, Evo GP Pro), we were still very satisfied with this one. The vibrations are almost inexistant and you’ll have some perfectly smooth videos to watch on your computer at the end of your days.

We did this Feiyu G5 review, as for most of our stabilizer review, in the mountain, during a skiing day. Despite a very hard session off the slopes, the quality of the stabilization was really convincing. You can guess that if we had done our Feiyu G5 review in more peaceful environment, the quality would have been even better. If you want to shoot your trip in Asia, the outcome will be even more stable.

As we already said in this Feiyu G5 review, the only weakness as far as stabilization is concerned is when the Tilting and the Panning motors meet together. But, as we already said, this doesn’t happen a lot, and, once you know there is this little bug, you just have to adapt your behavior not to make these 2 motors meet each other. In the end, our grade for this section of our Feiyu G5 review is 8.3/10.

The functions of this Gopro Stabilizer

If there is ONE function we need to talk about in this Feiyu G5 review, it’s the fact that this Gopro stabilizer is water resistant. Its manufacturer called that the “Splash Proof”. In fact, the very important innovation with this gimbal is the fact that you’ll be able to use it under rain or snow. Be careful, this doesn’t mean that you can use it under water. If you try to go in a swimming pool with your stabilizer…you’re bound to have a bad surprise.

Shooting videos under a heavy rain with your Gopro Hero 5 Black won’t be an issue, though. Yet, for the time being, the only camera with which you can use this very interesting function is the Gopro Hero 5 Black. Indeed, it’s the only camera which is waterproof (it can go in your swimming pool). If you want to use a Hero 3 or 4 Black under water, the only solution, for now, is with the Removu S1, which offers a waterproof box for your camera.

The other little function we enjoyed during our Feiyu G5 review was the selfie mode. Indeed, with a fraction of second, you’ll have your camera do a 180° in order to shoot selfies. You just have to hit a single button for this. Keep your finger on the button to keep your camera towards you, then, free it to have your camera go back to its initial position. It’s quite interesting to have such a function with the product of our Feiyu G5 review. We have no doubt it will please many of its users…even though, it’s nothing that crazy…

As many other Gopro stabilizers, the subject of our Feiyu G5 review also offers different modes to control your camera. The first one, and the by default one, is the Panning Mode. This will enable you to keep the horizon at the same level, no matter what move you do. The second one is the Panning and Tilting mode which will enable you to follow perfectly every single move you do, with, of course, very smooth movements for your camera. This is certainly the one we used the most during our Feiyu G5 review. Finally, the last mode is the “Lock Mode” which keeps your camera on one target for which you decided to lock your gimbal. Concretely, you’ll be able to move in any direction, your camera won’t stop looking at your target. Your motors will perfectly do the work to compensate your moves. In order to switch from one mode to an other, you just have to hit once or twice the button just below the joystick and the job is done.

In the end, our grade for this section of our Feiyu G5 review is 8.6/10. The basic functions are pretty well answering and the Chinese manufacturer has added two very interesting functions which are the Splash Proof and the Selfie mode. You’ll therefore have a gimbal which is both water resistant and very easy to use, if you want to take a selfie for instance. In our next section of this Feiyu G5 review, we’ll look into the controlling of this 3-axis handheld Gopro stabilizer.

Feiyu G5 review

The controlling of your Gopro gimbal

This is also very important a section of our Feiyu G5 review. Indeed, making very stable videos with this stabilizer is a real child’s play. As a matter of fact, everything has been very well designed in order for the user to have the best possible experience and shoot smooth videos. Before everything, fixing your Gopro on your stabilizer won’t last more than 10s. During our Feiyu G5 review, we used a Gopro Hero 5 Black. Therefore, we had to use the counter weights which are included in the box in order for the gimbal to strike the good balance for our camera. If you are using a Gopro Hero 3 or 4, you won’t need any counter weight. 

Once your Gopro is fixed, you just have to switch on the motors and the calibration will be done automatically. Be careful, we haven’t said it yet in the Feiyu G5 review, but it is VERY important not to switch the motors on if your Gopro is not fixed on your gimbal. Indeed, if you do so, you’ll deteriorate the functioning of your motors…which, in the long term, could end up being totally broken. Note that this matters for every gimbal on the market, be it for smartphone, Gopro or camera.

As you could see before in this Feiyu G5 review, the grip of this gimbal is made up of 2 buttons and one 4-way joystick. It is thanks to them that you’ll control your gimbal. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to start and stop videos directly from the grip. During our Feiyu G5 review, this point disappointed us a little. In fact, this function is available on the Gopro Karma Grip for instance, and we have to admit than we truly enjoyed it.

As far as the controlling is concerned, we really enjoyed, during our Feiyu G5 review, the fact of being able to control our gimbal remotely thanks to your smartphone. Even though you can’t do much (only moving the motors), this can be very useful in some situations. The bluetooth will work within a range of 30 feet. We strongly recommend you to download the FeiyuTech app in order to use this function. Yet, the synchronization between your phone and your gimbal is not that easy, despite the recent software update. We hope it will be improved in the next update. In fact, during our Feiyu G5 review, it was not that easy to connect the two parts…

An other thing which is interesting to notice is the fact that you’ll be able to fix the subject of our Feiyu G5 review on several supports. As a matter of fact, you can fix it on a tripod in order to shoot, for instance, a theatre spectacle, or just sit somewhere, in the mountain or in a town and shoot anything you want, with perfect stabilization. We didn’t use this accessory for our Feiyu G5 review but it may interest some people to know it is possible to use it that way !

Finally, when it comes to the taking in hand, we felt like we were facing an issue we very often see during our reviews. Indeed, according to us, the grip is a bit to short and would be greater with 1 or 2 more inches. Still, contrary to the Gopro Karma Grip, you may buy an extension pole in order to fix that issue. We bought one for this Feiyu G5 review and it won’t cost you more than 25$. In some situations, this can be very useful. In the end, we graded it with a 8.9/10 in this category of our Feiyu G5 review. The next part of our Feiyu G5 review will be the conclusion with the price of this stabilizer for your Gopro.

Conclusion of our Feiyu G5 review : the price

Here we are at the end of our Feiyu G5 review. It’s time for you to know the price of this product. You’ll have to pay approximately 279$ in order to have this very good Gopro Stabilizer. This is quite expensive, but still in the average of the competitors’ gimbals. For a comparison, the Gopro Karma Grip is 288$ and the Removu S1 is 379$…

Our feiyu G5 review ends on this positive grade with a 8.6/10 in this section. This is a very high quality stabilizer which offers a very interesting Splash Proof that you’ll only find with one competitor : the Removu S1 (for the time being). Below, discover a very short summary of the strengths and weaknesses we put forward during this Feiyu G5 review.

  • Pros : The very good battery life, the Splash Proof, the easy controlling, the very good stabilization and the price.
  • Cons : The motor issue we have presented, the stabilization compared to the bests (Removu S1, Gopro Karma Grip, EVO GP-PRO) and the quality of the motors.

 Our Feiyu G5 review has turned out to be quite generous with this 3 axis handheld gimbal. With a very good grade of 8.8/10, it’s part of the best Gopro stabilizers on the market. If you are sick and tired of shaky videos, do not hesitate one second, this gimbal is here for you.

Feiyu G5 gimbal stabilizer review