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DJI Osmo+ Review

DJI Osmo+ review Among the numerous stabilizers which have emerged over the past few years, the gimbals with integrated camera are still pretty rare. DJI, the world leader for drones manufacturing offers a very good solution with its stabilized camera that you’ll discover in this DJI Osmo+ review. Indeed, it’s very high quality and reliability will easily manage to convince you…if you like awesome quality videos. In order to help you find the best stabilizer with integrated camera, we have done this DJI Osmo+ test. Without waiting any more second, discover our DJI Osmo+ review in which we will look into all its principle characteristics. 

DJI Osmo+ Review : the battery life is…not long enough

As always, let’s start this DJI Osmo+ review with its battery life. If you are planning to shoot long videos, the first thing you’ll check is how long can you use your gimbal before it runs out of battery. We gave a grade of 6.8/10 is our DJI Osmo+ review because this criterion is really disappointing compared with other stabilizers. Indeed, with only 1h40 minutes of recording  (manufacturer information) possible, you might be a bit frustrated… Well, you still have to take into account that our DJI Osmo+ review was done with a very cold environment of 38-40°F which gave us a battery life of just a bit more of 80 minutes. Under warmer temperatures, it would certainly had lasted 100 minutes. Of course, the cold and batteries are not good friends.. Therefore, the figures put forward by the manufacturer might be true and close to reality. Yet, we would have expected a battery of more than 1225mAh for a product of such a high standing. Our DJI Osmo+ review is therefore a bit negative about the battery life.

What we highly recommend is to buy a second, or, even a third battery in order not to be disturbed during some long days of shooting. We truly regretted, at the end of our DJI Osmo+ review not to have a second battery to make our test last longer. One battery will cost you approximately 25-30$ and you’ll be able to enjoy 100% of your stabilizer with integrated camera. If you are ready to pay almost 700$ for a stabilizer, you certainly won’t care adding 30 more $ to win more freedom. For our next DJI Osmo+ review, we will take at least two batteries, for sure !

You also need to take something else into account when you use this gimbal with integrated camera. Indeed, as you’ll see later in this DJI Osmo+ review, you can (and it is highly recommended) connect your smartphone to your gimbal in order to have a better control on your stabilized camera. We really noticed an impact on the battery life which was lowered… As you can guess, this will affect both the battery of your stabilizer and your phone and you certainly won’t reach 100 minutes of battery life if you are connected all time long on the mobile app. Actually, we tried it during our DJI Osmo+ review, and we had to stop at 80 minutes, as we said earlier.

The last thing we also wanted to mention in this part of our DJI Osmo+ review is the fact that this gimbal with integrated camera is not really adapted for cold temperatures. Indeed, the manufacturer displays a using temperature between 32-104°F. Therefore, we easily understand why the battery life we had during our DJI Osmo+ review under 38-40°F was not as long as what the manufacturer boasts. There is no lie in what DJI tells you.. when you take into account the fact the we were only 6° over the minimal temperature use allowance. Let alone the battery, everything worked perfectly under these temperatures and you’ll see just in the next section that the quality and reliability of this product are part of its main assets. Still, if you want a stabilizer to use under “extreme” condition, we invite you to look for a Gopro gimbal such as the Removu S1 or the Gopro Karma Grip, to name but two. Indeed, they perfectly answer to very cold temperatures…

The manufacturer hasn’t published the presentation video of the subject of our DJI Osmo+ review yet, but we can show you the one of the previous version. Actually, there are not much changes and that will show you almost everything your stabilizer with integrated camera can do. That will also show you the quality of the product and everything you should know about it. Well, let’s stop writing ! A video always speaks more than words and long sentences :

The quality and reliability are on top !

If we put such a good grade (9.4/10) in our DJI Osmo+ review, it’s really because we were so pleased by its robustness and its very top quality. Indeed, the materials used are all high-end quality and we directly understand why the product is “so” expensive. In fact, this stabilizer which is today the subject of our DJI Osmo+ review is not a plastic toy at all. You are here with a high-end product which will offer you years of use and life span…provided you use it correctly and you don’t throw it away…of course !

Still, we haven’t talked about it yet in this DJI Osmo+ review, but it is very important not to touch your motors while they are working. If ever you feel like the balance is not good (thing that never happened to us with this gimbal) don’t try to rebalance it while the motors are switched on. Turn everything off and then you can touch it. If you don’t respect this basic rule, you might considerably damage the motors..

Our DJI Osmo+ review can only be positive, one more time, when it comes to a DJI’s product. We have to admit that this Chinese manufacturer really knows how to deal with quality and reliability...witness its very famous drones, the Phantom 4 and Mavic Pro which have a growing success worldwide.

This stabilized gimbal received a few improvements in terms of quality compared with it’s little brother in order to make it ever more resistant in case of little impact. In the end, the product turns out to be robust and you’ll be able to use it without being afraid of breaking it. It may not be THE best stabilizer with integrated camera, yet, it certainly offers THE best quality and reliability you’ll find on the market. As far as this is analyzed, we were too pleased during our DJI Osmo+ review. When it comes to quality and reliability, you can be fully confident.

In addition to the quality of this stabilizer and the gimbal itself, we also need to take into account the video quality in this DJI Osmo+ review. On this criterion, one more time, the Chinese camera does very well. Indeed, despite its pretty low pixelized captor, (12,6MP), the result is just awesome. We were really impressed during our DJI Osmo+ review by the outcome and we weren’t expected that much from a 12,6MP captor. This is not only due to the very-high-quality 3 axis stabilizer (with 4 motors), but also to the X3 Zoom camera of the Zenmuse, one of the flagship product of this manufacturer.

The thing we also really enjoyed during our DJI Osmo+ review was the x7 zoom. This is (for the time being) the only stabilizer with integrated camera which offers this solution which will considerably enable you to win in precision during your videos. The zoom is split in two between a 3,5x optic zoom and a 2x numeric zoom. In the end, you’ll get a very clean and smooth image even if you stand far away from your target. This is a real asset for the subject of our DJI Osmo+ review compared, for instance, with a Gopro stabilizer which will only offer large shots. Still, let’s remind you that Gopro gimbals and this gimbal are not supposed to be used in the same situation. For extreme sports videos, we strongly recommend you to use Gopro stabilizers which will be more efficient for the job.

On the technological part, the subject of our DJI Osmo+ review can shoot in 4K up to 30FPS, which is pretty good nowadays. If you want to do insane slow motions, you can also shoot in 1080p at 100FPS. We used this mode during our test and the result was very convincing. An other very important thing to take into account in the fact that this camera can shoot photos at 12MP with DNG RAW format. This will enable you to have original files that you’ll perfectly modify in post production, on photoshop for instance. In the next section of our DJI Osmo+ review we will look into the stabilization, and, one more time, you won’t be disappointed.

DJI Osmo+ gimbal review

The stabilization is very well functioning

Here we are at a very important section of our DJI Osmo+ review : the quality of the stabilization. Thanks to its 3 axis and 4 motors (1 more than the old version), this gimbal stabilizer offers an almost perfect stabilization. From now on, the X3 Zoom camera is fixed on both sides which enables it to shoot even smoother videos. The difference between the old and the “+” version is not enormous and obvious, but it is visible ! The improvement is still noticeable and the manufacturer really did a good job about it. We graded it with a 9.1/10 in our DJI Osmo+ review because we were really pleased. We really see that DJI has a long experience in stabilization and has already proven it with the very good stabilization of its drones.

Be it for its drones or for its stabilizers, the Chinese manufacturer of stabilizers (for smartphone and cameras) really offers products which yield stunning results. If you are a lambda person who wants to do some holidays videos, VLOGs or sport videos or a professional looking for accurate images, you are bound to find what you are looking for with this product that we present you in this DJI Osmo+ review.

Even if the stabilization of this stabilizer is not as good as the one of the Gopro stabilizers Removu S1, Gopro Karma Grip or EVO GP PRO, it really pleased us during our DJI Osmo+ review. We really have to admit that the combination of an excellent camera with a high-end stabilizer was bound to offer some awesome images during our little mountain day. The next criterion of our DJI Osmo+ will be about one of the main strengths of this stabilizer : its functions.

The numerous functions of this stabilizer

One more time in this DJI Osmo+ review, our stabilizer with integrated camera doesn’t lack functions to answer all your demands for your videos. Before everything, the thing we really enjoyed about it and which raises the grade of our DJI Osmo+ review is the moving time lapse. The latter enables you to do some very original shots as, for instance, filming cars in a busy city like Tokyo. You just have to choose a beginning point and an ending point and your stabilizer will move automatically. It will move very slowly in order to have nice and smooth shots. Our DJI Osmo+ review is really positive about this function which works really well. Meanwhile, you can do anything you want, your gimbal is working for you and assembling everything. You just have to contemplate the result.

The second function which is very interesting and that mattered during our DJI Osmo+ review is the “selfie mode”. It will enable you, as its names says, to shot incredible selfies by hitting 3 times on a single button, the trigger of your gimbal. Thanks to its 0.5m focal distance, the adjusting of your image will be done automatically and you’ll get some very high quality selfies. We really enjoyed using this function during our DJI Osmo+ review and we were really please about the results it yielded. In any case, it will always be better than the frontal camera of your smartphone. When you know how many selfies are done each day in the world, you can guess that this function will please a lot of future users.

You can also shoot beautiful panoramas with this stabilizer with integrated camera. To do so, the subject of our DJI Osmo+ review will shot and overlay 9 photos to end up with 1 perfect panoramic. In the end, you’ll get some awesome souvenirs of your holidays or anything you never want to forget. Note that the result of this panoramic mode is really great compared to what we saw in some other reviews we did. As a matter of fact, some do a very bad job at dealing with the light exposure… Here, it was very well managed. If you have a bipod or not, your stabilizer will perfectly stabilize your shot. According to us, if you are looking for perfection, using a bipod is still recommended. We didn’t use one during our DJI Osmo+ review, but it would have been interesting to see if there is (or not) a difference between panoramas made with and without a bipod.

As if all these functions were not enough, you may also shot some long exposures photos in order to have a very original outcome. This will create an artistic fuzzy shot on moving object that is worth having a look at. It’s not at random if we graded it with a 9.5/10 in our DJI Osmo+ review in this category. Indeed, this stabilizer will offer a really good solution for people who are looking for something original which doesn’t stick to simple functions. If you buy the DJI Osmo+, you really need to try this function that pleased us during our DJI Osmo+ review.

Review DJI Osmo+

The controlling of the stabilizer

Here we are already at the 5th section of our DJI Osmo+ review. Like its main competitor, the Feiyu Summon+, this stabilizer has, according to us, a grip which is a bit too short. It would be better with 2 or 3 more inches in order to catch it better. On the other hand, this enables you to easily put it in the box and it’s therefore very easy to travel with. Let’s mention the very nice box in which it is delivered and that you’ll use to transport your stabilizer. Despite everything, it has a very light weight (268g for the stabilizer and camera + 201g for the grip). This is therefore very confortable to use and we liked it during our DJI Osmo+ review.

Yet, this is still a very personal point of view and some people will really enjoy using a short grip… It really depends on the use you want for your stabilizer. If you don’t have a too “sportive” use, then, the subject of our DJI Osmo+ review will perfectly do the job with its short grip.

As far as the controlling is concerned, we were a bit disappointed during our DJI Osmo+ review. In fact, we first regretted not being able to see what we are filming on the camera, as you can with the Feiyu Summon+… This is definitely due to the shape of the camera which would never allow a 2″ screen on its back. Hence our little frustration during our DJI Osmo+ review compared with our experience with the Feiyu Summon+. We had to wait until the end of the day to see if our videos were masterpieces or bad quality shots.

An other thing which disturbed us a little during our DJI Osmo+ review was the fact that you can mount your smartphone…on the side of your gimbal. We don’t really know if this is a genius or a really bad idea because it’s both useful and very bulky… Still, as far as the mobile application is concerned, we were really pleased and we don’t have anything bad to say about it. In fact, everything is very well optimized and the connexion is really smooth between your phone and the camera. During our DJI Osmo+ review, we tested and approved it ! You can control and change the parameters of your stabilizer directly from your phone.

Despite all of this, we graded it with a 8.3/10 in this category of our DJI Osmo+ review. As far as the grip and the control buttons are concerned, there is almost nothing to say… It’s simple and efficient and you’ll be able to start/stop shooting videos very easily or control the X3 Zoom camera thanks to the joystick if you want to do some adjustments. We finally arrive at the end of this DJI Osmo+ review and we’ll now conclude with the price of this stabilizer with integrated camera.

Conclusion of our DJI Osmo+ review : the price

Here we are at the conclusion of our DJI Osmo+ review with the price of the product. On this point, we were maybe a bit severe with a 7.3/10 in our DJI Osmo+ review. In fact, the latest gimbal with integrated camera of the Chinese manufacturer is currently sold between 630 on internet and 650$ on the official DJI website. This is approximately 250$ more than the Feiyu Summon+, its main competitor. Also take into account that, here, you have both the gimbal and the camera. If you want to buy a Gopro or smartphone stabilizer, you’ll have to buy each separately. Therefore, it can easily reach 800+ $…

Even if this price is quite high, it is not incomprehensible at all. Indeed, the subject of our DJI Osmo+ review is, according to us, one of the best, if not THE best stabilizer on the market. Unfortunately, its price and battery lower it’s average grade a lot… The quality and reliability are excellent and the Chinese manufacturer worked hard to improve this new version. We really enjoyed it during our DJI Osmo+ review, and we are sure that if you tried it, you’ll directly adopt it ! At least, we did… Just below, we have made you a very short summary of the assets and weaknesses of this stabilizer we saw during this DJI Osmo+ review.

  • Cons : The numerous functions, the high-end quality of the gimbal, the stabilizer and the camera, the very well functioning mobile app and the x7 zoom.
  • Pros : The battery life could definitely we improved, the size of the grip, the price and the phone support which is not very practical.

Our DJI Osmo+ review shows its numerous assets and very little weaknesses of this very good stabilizer with integrated camera. Even if it’s still pretty expensive, it offers high-end performances for Premium users. With a good grade of 8.4/10 in our DJI Osmo + review, we have no doubt it will please many of its future users. 

DJI Osmo+ gimbal review