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EVO GP PRO : one of the best Gopro gimbals

Evo GP Pro

The EVO GP PRO is a Gopro gimbal stabilizer which offers high-end performances…at a high price. If it’s not ranking first in our Gopro gimbal comparison, it is mainly because of its high price but also because of a few other little weaknesses. Yet, even though it is not the …

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Feiyu G4S : its strengths and weaknesses

Feiyu G4S

The Feiyu G4S was the first and only Gopro gimbal able to offer a 360° rotation on 3 axis. This real strength has made it one of the most cherished gimbal over the past two years. Now, it has maybe made its time but there are still some reasons for …

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What are the Water Resistant Gopro gimbals ?

Water Resistant Gopro Gimbals

Nowadays, thanks to new technologies, rain and snow are no longer an issue when you want to shoot videos. This is also true when you are using a Gopro gimbal. Indeed, there are now 2 stabilizers which enable you to use your action camera under heavy rain or snow while …

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Gopro Karma Grip vs Feiyu G5 Comparison

Gopro Karma Grip vs Feiyu G5 comparison

If you are looking for a good Gopro gimbal, you are sure that you’ll be pleased with the Gopro Karma Grip and the Feiyu G5. Indeed, they are both very good and perfectly do the job for which they’ve been created. Yet, there are many differences between these two even …

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