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About us

Hello and welcome to Mygimbalstabilizer.com 

We are a team of experts in high-tech products and  particularly specialized in Gimbal Stabilizers, be it for Gopro, Smartphone or DSLR.

We created this website in order to help you compare and choose between the ever-rising number of products you can find everywhere on the internet. Our website is everyday updated in order to have very accurate information about the prices and all  the new products we test will directly be reported in the reviews section.

We work really hard to make some very precise, comprehensive and in depth reviews in order for you to find every relevant information you would need to find the best gimbal stabilizer for your Gopro, your smartphone, or your DSLR camera. Still, the grades we give to each product are only the result of our personal perception. Hence the need for you to make your own opinion by comparing between the different review we’ve done. The best gimbal stabilizer for us is not necessarily the best for you !

Please, note that half of our team is French, therefore we would be so grateful if you could forgive us if there are some little mistakes in our reviews as everyone’s English is not perfect.

We truly hope that all our reviews and comparisons will be helpful and we thank you for your visit.

See you soon on mygimbalstabilizer.com

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