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Zhiyun Smooth Q : what do we like ? What don’t we ?

The Zhiyun Smooth Q is a very good ultra low-cost smartphone gimbal. Even though it is not the best you can find on the market, it is still very interesting and worthy of interest. Indeed, it has some very good assets to offer…and some weaknesses unfortunately. Discover what we like with the Zhiyun Smooth Q and what we don’t like.¬†

Zhiyun Smooth Q smartphone gimbal

What we like

As we’ve told you and as you can guess, this is definitely not the best smartphone stabilizer. Obviously, it would be crazy when you see its price ! Because, yes, this is its first very good advantage that make it one awesome smartphone gimbal. Contrary to many competitors which are approximately 300$, this one is only 139$. You easily understand that, with such a low price, it would be very hard for it to be the best ! Yet, if we just have a look at que quality/price ratio, then, this is definitely the best.

The second thing that we like with this low-cost smartphone gimbal is the fact that it has an awesome battery life. As a matter of fact you’ll have approximately 10 hours of running time. But that’s not all ! Indeed, like its big brother, the Zhiyun Smooth 3, the Smooth Q is able to recharge your smartphone while in use. This is something we really enjoyed and only Zhiyun offers this possibility for the time being.

Finally, the third thing we really do like with this smartphone gimbal are its functions. Indeed, you’ll have some very nice function even though the price is very low. We can take for instance the panoramic mode or Follow mode, to name but two. Furthermore, note that this is not only a smartphone gimbal ! Indeed, you’ll be able to use it with an action camera like a Hero 4 or 5 Black too ! This is definitely something we enjoyed as we like to shoot videos with our Gopro.

What we don’t like

The first thing we really don’t like with this gimbal, as you can see in our Zhiyun Smooth Q review, is the quality and reliability of the product. Well, actually, when you see its price, it’s hard to criticize but we did want to note that the quality disappointed us during our test. With a 6.4/10 in our review, it is still correct but this is nothing compared to the DJI Osmo Mobile, Zhiyun Smooth 3 or Feiyu SPG, to name but three.

The second thing that disappointed us a little with this gimbal is its stabilization. With a 7.3/10 in our in-depth review, it is nothing too bad, but, one more time, we would have expected something smoother and offering a batter stabilization. Finally, the last criticism that we can make regards the grip. Indeed, the taking in hand is not easy at all because there is a slippery grip which is, on top of that, too small according to us.

Anyway, for its price, the Zhiyun Smooth Q is definitely a good compromise for people who don’t want to pay 300$ for a smartphone gimbal. If you are ready to pay more, do it, you won’t regret buying the Osmo Mobile, Smooth 3 or Feiyu SPG…

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